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Aussie Rocker Couple With INCREDIBLE Wedding Pics SPLIT!

You may remember seeing photos of two of arguably the coolest people EVER being circulated not too long ago, after they eloped to Las Vegas for the ultimate rocker wedding.

The people who got hitched were actually Aussies, but alas, the marriage of Ainsley Hutchence and Sebastien Fougere was not to last.


What some people may not have known, is that the couple had both been married to other people previously, and both had kids from another relationship, so decided to elope - and have Elvis carry out the service - and celebrate their marriage in a non-traditional (read: very unconventional) way.


The Sunshine Coast couple that after nine years together, four married, and a slew of wedding photos that went viral (by friend Jenneke Storm), have sadly decided to go their separate ways.

'We're still soulmates and best friends,' Ms Hutchence told Daily Mail Australia just four weeks after the split.


'It feels sh**ty at times, but it's better than fighting all the time. I have feelings sometimes we'll end up back together one day in years to come.'

As for the reason behind their split, Ms Hutchence revealed that although after the wedding the marriage got even better, this last year the couple has had six BIG fights.


'…it got to a place where we said a few times: "What should we do?".

'I am getting more work opportunities to travel and a month or so ago we agreed it was for the best if we broke up. It broke my heart, but after ten minutes of laughing and crying, we knew it was the right thing to do.'

Just like with their wedding, the couple have had an unconventional break-up, living together up until as recently as a week ago, spending sporadic time together, but also letting each other come and go.


'It's strange. One of us will go through a stage of feeling good and okay with things and the other will think they don't care anymore, then the other will feel okay and we'll be back down again.

'We've tried to work around each other a bit, but maybe we've been in denial a bit,' Ms Hutchence said.

She also revealed that, 'I think he drinks too much, he thinks I work too much’, which wouldn’t have helped their relationship.

We hope they can work it out!

Source: Daily Mail

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