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Aussie Tries To Wrestle Shark, Nearly Has Manhood Bitten Off

A man bitten by a shark after jumping into the water to try and catch it with a rope says he was lucky he didn't get bitten on his privates.

Video of a young bloke Josh Neille, known to his mates as “Ferret”, shows him jumping off a boat and grabbing a lemon shark by its tail.

Mr Neille told 9NEWS:

“As I tried to swim across it and tail-rope it to bring it in, it swung around and bit me on the leg,”

Mr Neille claims the nine-foot (2.7m) shark had fishing equipment stuck in its body, and he decided to try and grab the shark using just a rope.

“I wanted to put a pipe in its mouth on the boat (to) remove the hooks and release the shark,” he said.

“We went out there with the best intentions. I had no plans to go out and kill it for fun. I’d rather see it let go"

Ferret also revealed how close the sharks bite came to his...errrr...'private area'

"A couple of inches to the left and I would have been a bit more worse off and a bit more comical for a lot of other people but not myself..."

Fortunately for Ferret his manhood remained intact, and we wonder if he'll think twice before jumping into the water next time...


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