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Aussies Vote The Ibis AKA: Bin Chicken As Our Favourite Bird

A poll set up to tally votes on Australia's most loved bird has found a most unlikely winner: The Ibis.

Better known by unflattering nicknames such as 'bin chicken' and 'trash turkey' due to constantly scavenging from our bins, it appears we have a bit of fondness for this often maligned creature.

The Ibis currently leads the poll over the more fancied wedge-tailed eagle, cockatoo and pink and grey galahs.


These garbage guts are street ahead in the poll with the magpie, which is usually considered a pest due to swooping us every spring time is second, while kookaburras, which aren't everyone's cup of tea due to their loud 'laughter' are currently third.

So it would appear we've rallied support behind three traditionally unpopular birds, great to see the under dog, or bird in this case, is getting some love!

Out of 51 species, the humble Ibis currently has 982 votes, almost 200 votes ahead of the magpie.

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