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Australia, Expect MAJOR Delays In Your Flights As Of Today

If you thought Christmas was the worst time of year to fly, in terms of how chaotic the airports are and how much the flights are - think again.

It seems that from today, June 1, is when the crazy type of turmoil is bestowed upon airports.

According to Federal Government aviation statistics, the month of June is actually the WORST month to fly out of Australia - even worse than Christmas.

Apparently it’s all due to the disruptions and cancellations caused by bad weather conditions. July is the second-worse ranked month for the same reasons.

In case you didn’t guess, fog is the biggest factor when it comes to delayed and cancelled flights.


Main cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, along with Sydney, experience the highest number of foggy days in June and July, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Source: Now To Love

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