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Australian Mother Traumatised By The Abuse Her Children Got

Eating out with the people you love is one of life's great pleasures.

But what started out as being a simple meal with her family in a restaurant ended up with Koula Roufas vying never to take her children out to eat in public again.

After being irrationally abused by a stranger in a family-friendly establishment in her hometown in Darwin, Koula is too traumatised to go out with her family again.

"While we were sitting down, my eldest daughter finished eating and was just casually walking up and down next to our table. Not running. Not screaming. Not even talking - just walking past."

After Koula's son started whinging because he was tired, a woman who was sitting close by began complaining audibly to her partner.

"She turned to her partner and said that children should have their mouths taped and put in a box, and: "As for parents, who even lets these ferals out? They should just stay home and not bother!'""

Ms Roufas, feeling embarrassed, couldn't get her family out of the restaurant fast enough.

"...How is anyone, like any mother or father, supposed to go out these days at a FAMILY place to ear dinner without people like this making you feel so low?"

Since the traumatic occasion, Koula hasn't been out to eat with her family again in public.

'To be very honest, it has put me off,'

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