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Bali 9 Final Journey

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Update 6:26pm

Update 5:52pm

Both Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran have been put into isolation as their execution draws near. A specific date and time is yet to be determined.

Update 3.00pm

Update 1.45pm

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran have arrived at Nusakambangan Island where they will be executed. The time of their execution is still unknown. Sukumaran's family has been spotted at Sydney airport boarding a plane to Bali. 

Update 1.00pm

Sukumaran and Chan have arrived at Cilacap airport, now they will be getting on a ferry to take them to execution island, Nusakambangan. 

Update 11.45am

After news of the pair's transfer emerged, Chan's distraught parents left their inner Western Sydney home. Mrs Chan shook her head and sighed as she left her home. Both parents said their last goodbye to Chan in February when they spent a few weeks in Bali and visited Kerobokan prison. 

Indonesia has released details of the transfer this morning saying both Sukumaran and Chan were very calm. Apparently the two thanked authorities for their care while they were in the jail. 

Nyoman Putra Surya, Head of the Corrections Division said, 

“They were ready,” he said. “They even said thank you.” Mr Nyoman said the men smiled and shook their hands before they were searched and handcuffed.

The pair said “not a word”.

“We handcuffed them, they were silent,” he said.

“We handcuffed them to the front. We didn’t cover their eyes. “We treated them well.”

Images have now arisen of the plane taking off that will transfer them to the execution island. 

Update 10.45am

Concerns have been raised about the transfer of the Bali nine pair before their legal appeals are exhausted. Australian Bar Association President Fiona Mcleod says Indonesia has failed to respect the rule of law.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott, has said "Even at the 11th hour, I hope that there might be a change of heart in Indonesia and these executions might be stopped."

There has apparently been a breakdown in communication between the Indonesian and Australian governments, with Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop saying there was no official confirmation from Indonesia officials that a transfer was going to happen. 


Update: 9.30am

Chan and Sukumaran have been removed from Kerobokan prison and taken to the airport. It is reported that their plane will leave for the execution island at 7am balinese time. They were taken from the jail in a heavily armed motorcade. A Wings Air ATR 72-600 has been charted for the journey and is on standby at the airport. The Australian men will fly from Denpasar to the coastal town of Cilacap around 1pm.

A spokesperson for the prosecutor's office said the pair was very calm throughout their transfer to the airport. They were accompanied in the vehicle by 10 Indonesia special forces officers. There are no images of them boarding the plane as it took place in a screened off area. 


Update: 8.30am 

Hundreds of police have sealed off access to Kerobokan prison with a water cannon on standby to transfer Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran to the island where they will be executed. The deputy police chief and deputy governor also arrived at the jail in the middle of the night.

Armoured military vehicles and riot squad police arrived at the jail wearing full riot gear with shields and have lined up in front of the area.

Last night the two Australian's had their final dinner with the jail governor Sudjonggo. The two are reportedly remaining very calm despite the looming events. Mr Sudjonggo said that they asked what they could bring on the transfer. Sukumaran said he planned to bring a drawing book with pens as well as a bible. Chan will also bring a bible which he was given weeks after his arrest from his family, which he describes as his most treasured possession. 

It is understood that the family will collect their belongings later today. 

Image via Youtube

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