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Bizarre Footage Of "Possessed" Man Wandering Hospital

Disturbing footage of a severely wounded man claiming to be "possessed" has surfaced after he was videoed wandering the corridors of a Brazilian hospital.

According to Russia Today, the incident occurred last week at Miguel Couto Municipal Hospital in Rio de Janeiro; the man in the video, who many are claiming was high on drugs, was admitted with a gunshot wound to his cheek.

If the patient was under the influence of drugs, it would explain why his body is so contorted in the clip, in which he can be heard claiming to work with Lucifer.

As an out-of-shot person recites prayers, the man tells them that he is "better than you, you are corrupted".

The video, which has since been widely shared, has sparked debate with some viewers agreeing that it could very well be a possession.

"Just as there is God, there is also the devil," one Facebook commenter wrote. "Never doubt that, the good and the evil is there enough and people choose."

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