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Fools Or Heroes? We'll Let You Decide...

Are these the biggest clowns on our roads or are they heroes to motorists everywhere?

That's the question dividing people over the Facebook page 'Block Their Shot' which encourages Aussies to obstruct mobile police speed cameras.

However, with at least 40,000 fans so far and counting, a lot of Australians are appreciating the daily updates the page is publishing.


Showing photos of motorists "broken down", parked up and posing with signs warning other motorists of the speed trap, the page encourages people to "start looking out for one and other [sic]".

Claiming the cameras are nothing more than revenue raising, admins of the page say that receiving a speeding ticket three weeks after the fact does nothing to save lives.

"They only look at us as their economy, we are their business that is all, nothing more nothing less," the page claims.

With speed cameras always a topic guaranteed to divide, do you think these guys are doing anything wrong?




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