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Bodies Of Bali 9 Return To Australia

The bodies of executed Bali 9 drug smugglers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran have arrived in Sydney this morning. 

Family members, including Chan's widow Febyanti Herewila were escorted from the airport by government officials, still showing obvious signs of mourning after the tumultuous past week. 

Febyanti married Chan during his last days on death row but now must turn her attention to planning his funeral alongside his family and friends back home. 


Sukumaran’s mother Raji, brother Chintu and sister Brintha also touched down back in Australia this morning. 


All arrived before a plane carrying a container allegedly carrying the bodies of the Bali 9 pair at approximately 6:30am AEST in Sydney. 

This comes as media reports were circulating in Indonesia that former Bali 9 lawyer Muhammad Rifan was arrested overnight in relation to the court case, which has since been proven untrue. 

After making claims on Monday that the presiding judges overseeing the case were asking for bribes to spare the lives of Chan and Sukumaran, news reports made the claim that he had been arrested. 

While there is speculation that the lawyer could still face charges in relation to the accusations, he has confirmed to multiple sources that media reports of his arrest are false. 

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