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Bride Explains Why She's Making Her Bridesmaids Lose Weight

Being asked to be a close friend or family member's bridesmaid is a huge honour, but would you feel the same if you were then immediately asked to lose weight ahead of the wedding?

This is exactly how 'Bridal Bootcamp', a New York based business owned by trainer Sue Flemming came about, and she's got plenty of clients.

One such client, as reported by the New York Post is Ashley Barton, a 30-year-old PR Exec living in downtown Brooklyn who says, "I want my guests to invest in their appearances, feel pretty, go buy the dress of their dreams and feel confident in themselves. I want everyone to feel and look beautiful."

This extends, of course, to Ashley's bridal party. With the big day only eight weeks away, Ashley's Maid of Honour has been tasked with losing 7kg's, a task she's happy to try and accomplish for her 'main gal'. But should she have been asked to lose any weight at all?

The bride herself hasn't slacked off, losing around 15kg's in the lead up to her day so far, and good on her, every bride wants to be happy with their own appearance on their big day. We're just not so sure this desire should be imposed on everyone else also?

The NY Post reports that even a bridal party member who recently had a baby isn't excluded from the weight loss plan, even she "could stand to drop a few pounds" according to the bride.

Scarily, Norman Rowe, a plastic surgeon based in New York, says he's seen an increase in full bridal parties coming in to get filler or Botox before the big day as well.

So, is all this attention on appearance for a wedding day a worrying trend, or only natural to want everyone looking their best... and to whose standard of 'beauty' are we aiming for?

Source: NY Post

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