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Christian Mother Reduced To Tears By Rap Song's Lyrics

A Christian mother has posted a rant video on Facebook after being so disgusted by the lyrics of a rap song she heard on the radio.

In the video (above) she recites the lyrics of the song, "Norf Norf" by rapper Vince Staples, ultimately breaking down into tears as she says them to the camera.

The song's main chorus line is, "I ain't never ran from nothin' but the police", and also features lyrics like "Folks need Porsches, hoes need abortions".

"Guys, I could not believe what I was hearing," the woman said in the video, explaining how she heard it on the station her 11yo daughter likes to listen to.

"I read the lyrics, I cannot believe this stuff is on the radio," she continued. "This is what our youth is being subjected to."

The mum, who normally listens to Christian radio continued, "I normally never listen to that radio station, it's almost like I was meant to hear it to let you guys know about it."

While we're not endorsing the song or saying an 11yo should be allowed to listen to it, do you think this mother's reaction is normal?

The video clip for "Norf Norf" is below - be warned it contains explicit language.

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