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Could V-Plates Be Introduced For Tourists On Our Roads?

An Aussie woman is proposing a way for drivers in unfamiliar surroundings to warn others on the road. 

Suzanne Jones from Tasmania found herself frustrated during a trip to Queensland's Sunshine Coast when she struggled to navigate her way around.

"I had a really bad experience with really discourteous drivers," she told talkback radio in Hobart.

"You often see a person trying to get across a lane quickly, they're obviously not knowing where they are going."

Ms Jones has suggested that introducing V-Plates would let locals know to exercise caution around tourists who aren't familiar with the area.

They wouldn't be enforced by law, but rather a "voluntary identifier" as a courtesy to other drivers. 

Ms Jones believes that V-Plates would inform other drivers to "allow a little more space, courtesy and a friendly wave" who are struggling to drive.

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