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Customers SLAM Jetstar Over Bizarre Rule

Unhappy Jetstar travellers have taken over the airline’s Facebook page with complaints about their hidden fees, including one that has a $50 penalty for baggage being just one kilogramme over.
Dyann Prosser, who was flying from Sydney is angry at the airline because they refused to let her change her husband's flight details.

She was flying to Melbourne to watch her daughter n a competition when her husband had to pull out due to work commitments, but when she tried to change the flight, it cost an extra $430 to allow her friend to get on the flight.

'That's almost three times what I paid for the ticket, I thought they were joking,' Ms Prosser told

'I said to the Jetstar lady on the phone I may as well just take my friend and use the existing ticket because nobody even checks names on domestic flights.'

'I told them I was happy to pay a change fee, but $430 is ridiculous. Jetstar told me that if we didn't pay the fee and my husband didn't check in then the seat that I paid for would be given to some random person on standby.

Ms Prosser said that she upset because the airline would rather give the seat to another passenger than to someone already booked on the flight.

Another traveller wasn’t happy about a $50 charge she paid for being just 1KG over the baggage limit.

'I had the worst flight of my life with your 'airline' - I use that term loosely,' she said. 

Jetstar have said 'To change a basic Starter Fare customers pay a change fee plus the fare difference between what was paid at the time of booking and the current price. 

'Again, this is a common and long-standing practice across the airline industry to ensure there is no incentive for people to buy sale fares with the intent of selling them on at a higher price.'

‘’They are not hidden.’

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