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Dana White Threatens Conor McGregor If He Goes Against UFC

Video: YouTube/MMAjunkie

President of the UFC, Dana White, has issued a warning to Conor McGregor saying it'll be an "epic fall" if he goes against UFC wishes and fights Floyd Mayweather.

In an interview with, Conor McGregor spoke about his intentions to fight the now retired Floyd Mayweather with or without the UFC’s approval.

"Me and Floyd have got to get together and figure it out, the same way Floyd and Manny figured it out," McGregor told "Once we come to a set number that I’m happy with, that he’s happy with. Then we go to the customers, we go to the promoters, the buyers. And then we get it done."

That, combined with McGregor's recent Instagram post saying "F#ck the UFC", has sparked the response from White (video at top).

When asked what he thinks about McGregor saying he'll do the fight with or without the UFC's approval, White replied, "You know how I feel about Conor, I've always shown Conor nothing but respect, and if he wants to go down that road with us let me tell you it'll be an epic fall."

McGregor has roughly scheduled the cross-discipline fight to be able to happen hopefully late this year or early 2018, we'll have to wait to see what the inevitable legal battle outcome is before anything can ever happen.

H/T: Brobible

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