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Did Kanye's 'Famous' Video Just Rekindle A HUGE Romance?

Rihanna has been very quiet since her mate Kanye West dropped his new music video ''Famous''.

It's a very risque video that features heaps of stars naked in bed with the rapper and she is one of them!

However, she may be quiet because according to sources, it has got her feeling all nostalgic as she was placed next to Chris Brown!

According to HollywoodLife a close source says ''There have been many mornings, afternoons, evening and nights where Ri’s laid in bed next to Chris pillow talking. And seeing Famous made her reminisce on those occasions.''

It doesn't come as a huge surprise for RIhanna fans that she is thinking of getting back with Chris, as they have been a part of each others life for ages.

The source continued to say “Breezy was the best sex of her life and when they were in bed together, those sheets were on fire! Chris has a much better body than in Famous though and she noticed it immediately.”

Well, let's see what happens in the love case but also.. the video case as Kanye is still waiting for people to sue him..

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