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Disney's New Movie Looks SO Different To Anything Before It

There's a reason why Disney is SO loved by people around the world regardless of their age, and that's because they're consistently turning out spectacular movie after spectacular movie.

But we're already predicting that the entertainment juggernauts have outdone themselves yet again with the release of the first trailer for upcoming A Wrinkle In Time.

The sci-fi fantasy, based on the 1963 book of the same name, stars Chris Pine as Dr Murry, a scientist and lecturer who's figured out the secret to interplanetary travel.

Unfortunately, as is the way when humans meddle in the unknown, his findings see him disappear across dimensions, leaving his daughter Meg (Storm Reid), son Charles (Deric McCabe) and friend Calvin (Levi Miller) to set off on one epic adventure to find him.

And THAT is where the legendary "Mrs" women come in - Mrs Which, played by Oprah, Mrs Who, played by Mindy Kaling and Mrs Whatsit, played by none other than Reese Witherspoon.

It looks unreal - literally - and the two-minute teaser was enough to give us goosebumps; check it out for yourselves in the clip above.

There's just one problem. How are we going to wait until next YEAR for this?

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