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Disturbing Thomas The Tank Engine Scene Has Shocked Everyone

If you think back to Thomas the Tank Engine and think fondly of a blue train riding merrily along the tracks - think again.

A new scene that has emerged shows the frankly, effed up side of the show, which some people are saying is worse than any horror movie.

The scene involves one train, Henry, a stubborn train who is punished by being entombed alive forever inside a tunnel, forced to watch the other trains go by as he wasted away.

It was all because mildly-grumpy train Henry hates going out in the rain when he’s feeling particularly fresh and good-looking.

When it starts coming down, he plans a train’s version of a duvet-day; snuggling up in his tunnel.

He is understandably fearful of the effects of the harsh weather on his shiny paint, on the basis ‘the rain will ruin my lovely green paint and red stripes’.

Then the Fat Controller rocks up and the innocent children’s story quickly descends into what UNILAD describes as a Black Mirror episode.

He then delivers the final blow to Henry, ‘We shall take away your rails, and leave you here for always and always and always.’

In an ironic twist, Henry will now be staying in his tunnel… forever.

Cue the horrific fast-forwarded sequence where the railway workers brick Henry into his tunnel to rush, leaving a gap for him to see out into the world he can’t be a part of.

Anyone else feel sick?

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