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Donald Trump Sexually Humiliates Jennifer Hawkins

A video has surfaced showing Presidential Nominee Donald Trump sexually humiliating former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins.

The video was taken at a corporate event in Sydney five years ago and shows Donald Trump embarrassing Hawkins with a list slurs including “I believe, get even with people, if they screw you, screw them back, 10 times harder… And I'll give you an example, Jennifer Hawkins."


Trump goes on to explain how angry he was that Hawkins wouldn’t introduce her on stage, “I thought you dissed me”, Hawkins went on to reply “There was a miscommunication, of course I wanted to come here… I found out this morning. It was a miscommunication with my management, so I'm sorry”.

Donald Trump then awkwardly leans in to kiss Hawkins as she turns away.

This comes in the wake of many allegations towards Trump that he sexually assaulted many women throughout his career including Former Miss Finland Ninni Laaksone.

Video Source: HuffPost

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