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Kmart Have Quietly Released The Greatest Product EVER

Kmart Australia has sent everyone in overdrive again.

With a $5 bikini bag that has an ability to keep the soggiest of swimmers from soaking through your bag or car seat.

Mums and loyal Kmart shoppers have been posting shots of the stylish waterproof bag online, with one account named Addicted To Bargains sharing her surprise at how much the bag could hold.

On Mondays my daughter has swimming and I was over wet swimmers in the bag, so I grabbed this cute little waterproof bag from Kmart Australia for $5,' she said. 

The mother was shocked to find that the small bag not only fit her daughter's swimmers but a towel, goggles and swimming cap - all with room to spare. 

She also noted that there was a matching $12 beach bag in the same pattern. 


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