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Everything That Made The 2000's Great

Get ready for a trip down memory lane.

People have taken to Twitter using the hashtag #TweetLikeItsThe2000s to share their memories from the decade and it'll hit you with a massive dose of nostalgia. 

From manipulating your parents into agreeing to sleepovers.

To missing out at book fair.

And who could forget those pesky chain emails?

People shared their favourite movies and TV shows.

Which, of course, were always interrupted by this anti piracy ad!

You knew you were a cool kid when you rocked a picnik edit in your MSN profile picture.

The letter S was always so much more extra than all the others.

Hanging up phone calls never felt sassier. 

You knew you were in for a hella PE class when the busted out a parachute.

And THIS was the definition of comedy gold.

They were better times tbh...

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