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Facebook’s New Feature Is Being Called ‘Absolutely Brilliant

Well Zuckerberg you've done it again. Facebook has just come out with a brand spanking new feature that is going to be SO useful!

You know how there's those people who post endlessly about their lives and all their problems on their Facebook account (*cough* no one cares *cough*) and it just ends up clogging your newsfeed.

BUT they just happen to be your second cousin or something and it would be a bit rude to delete them completely.

Or how about even when you just get pissed off at a friend or family member (come on it's happened to us all) and don't want to see them pop up on your screen.

But it's too awkward to unfollow, only to have to face the shame of following them back a few days later and send them an awks notification.

Well it seems that Facebook has come up with a brilliant solution to our dilemma and it's called the Snooze Button.

It works in a similar way to the snooze button on messenger. This new function allows you to temporarily unfollow a person, page or group for either 24 hours, a week or 30 days.

So basically it removes them from your newsfeed for a short amount of time and avoids all of the awkwardness because they will never find out!

A spokesperson from Facebook spoke to TechCrunch saying, "we're testing new ways to give people control over their News Feeds so they can stay connected with the stories they find most relevant."

Of course, Facebook already has the feature that allows you to click 'see fewer posts like this' if you don't particularly appreciate something on your newsfeed, however, this only blocks out similar content rather than a particular person.

And it definitely seems like social media users are extremely keen for this update, posting their reactions (sort of ironically) to Twitter,

This will DEFINITELY come in handy!

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