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Feral Ferret Attacks Sydney Woman In Her Sleep

A Baulkham Hills woman has reported that she was savagely bitten on the face by a ferret while she was asleep in her bed last week.

The woman has told the Hills Shire Times she was sleeping in her bed around 10.30pm when she felt an intense pain and something latching onto her cheek.

The woman said, 

“The second it bit my face I woke up and grabbed onto it,”

“It didn’t get to bite me too hard, because I grabbed its jaw pretty quickly.”

The woman at first thought her pet dog may have attacked her.

“I realised my little white dog was sleeping on the end of the bed the whole time the incident was taking place, he didn’t wake up at all,”

‘My husband ran into the room and tried to free it from my face, but I could feel the teeth digging into my cheek."

“Once he got it off my face, we realised it was a pure white ferret.”

After throwing the ferret into the backyard, the couple were shocked when the animal then returned, coming in through an unlocked dog door.

“We chased it out again and it went into a neighbour’s backyard,” she said.

“It wasn't spooked by us, it came back for more.”

The Coronation Rd resident was treated by a neighbouring doctor and was given a tetanus shot the following day.

“We are still in shock,” she said.

“I was really concerned it could get into someone else’s house and attack a child."

“I had a very swollen jaw and it ripped at my cheek — but I am feeling a lot better now.”

The woman said her neighbours have also spotted the snow white ferret in various backyards since the attack.

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