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Finally, We Discover Why Juliet Kissed Mark In ‘Love Actuall

It’s been 12 years since Love Actually debuted on our screens, but one very big, pivotal question still remains; why did Juliet kiss Mark, her new husband’s best friend?

And why were we all okay with it?

One writer from The Bustle has tried to determine the answer.

The question is whether or not you believe Mark is a serial creeper or a sweet admirer that just couldn’t be helped?

When you stop and think about it, not only is Mark lying to himself, he’s also asking Juliet to lie to her new husband about not only Christmas carolers at the door, but the fact that he’s madly in love with her.

Plus, if he was mad at her for not choosing him, his standoff-ish manner did not do him any favours.


However, others feel for Mark. Sympathise with the struggle that comes with being in love with someone you can’t have.

While some think that Juliet was rather innocent in the whole ordeal, I can’t help but feel petty saying it, but I think she was kind of annoying during the whole thing.

However, the popular theory is that Juliet is so simple and pure of heart that she just feels affection for Mark in the moment that he holds up the signs to her and wants to let him know that it’s appreciated.

While some think it’s the start of an affair, I believe more that it’s that she’s simple - oh, and pure of heart.

In the real world, you’d have to be very careful around a person who has revealed they have a vested interest in you.


For fear of leading them on and ruining the relationship. So all in all, it’s her simplicity, both as a character or a person that told her kissing her husband’s best friend was the right move at that time.

Do you agree?

Source: Bustle

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