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First Comes Sex, Then Love For Millennials

Gone are the days of wining and dining before getting between the sheets, 'going steady' is officially and most definitely a thing of the past.

A study involving 5,500 participants conducted by Singles In America found that 48 percent of millennials were more likely to have sex before a first date to see if there is a spark, in order not to waste any time on finding love.

Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist and’s chief scientific adviser explains, "They’re not getting into bed just to have sex. They’re doing it to see who the person is, if they want to put their time and energy into them."

"Millennials are busy," she added. "They are very active, very ambitious. What they’re going to do is hop into bed right away. You learn a lot between the sheets."

Interestingly, the New York Post reports that 47 percent of millennial men admitted to sending a d-pic and 53 percent of women said they'd been on the receiving end, with only 4 percent saying the d–k pic was solicited.

And if a millennial couple actually does get out from under the sheets and goes on a date, the study found that 71 percent of single men find it 'intriguing' when a woman offers to split the bill. But don't be fooled guys, 86 percent of women surveyed said they do it to avoid any post-date obligation.

Ahh, love.

H/T: New York Post

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