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Ordering 200 Maccas Hash Browns Was Drunk Driver's Undoing

Well that's one way to get caught drink driving. 

A Sydney man was caught in the carpark of the Maccas drive thru after an eventful evening. 

The man from Thornleigh first attempted to order chicken nuggets from the fast food drive thru before being refused, as they are not part of the chain's breakfast menu. 

After his first attempt failed he went around three more times, ordering 200 hash browns on his second loop. 

He was caught by police at approximately 4:50am in the carpark, still patiently waiting for his $230 worth of food. 

The man reportedly blew an alcohol reading of 0.175 and had his licence suspended.

He is set to appear in court later this month. 

That's one expensive hangover feed. 

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