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GIANT Rat Caught In Sydney Family's Backyard

A Sydney family has revealed they refused to let their five year play outside after they were terrorised by a massive rat.

The rodent was eventually found dead in the backyard of the family home in inner city Alexandria, prompting calls for a special “rat taskforce” to be set up to combat the growing problem.


Independent City of Sydney councillor Angela Vithoulkas has been speaking of the issue for months, saying the problem has only “calmed down” in someparts of the CBD.

“But the rat problem is still very active in other areas,” she said.

Ms Vithoulkas said part of the blame lay with authorities over ongoing construction and roadworks.

“It’s the price you pay for progress and development when you choose to not address other factors that come up and allow them to get this bad,” she said.

A City of Sydney spokeswoman said rats are a problem in most major cities and that the problem “can’t be completely eradicated”

She said the City are using “industry best practice” techniques to try and control the plague and had a “comprehensive pest control program”, 

Daily Telegraph

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