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Girl BEAUTIFULLY Pranks Guy Who Sends Her Dick Pics

There are only three things you can be sure of in this life: death, taxes and being sent unsolicited dick pics on dating apps.

Similarly to blokes who catcall out the window of a passing car - did NONE of you listen to No Scrubs? - you often wonder what these penis photo-sending men are thinking.

Does it ever work? Has any woman ever in the history of the world seen a snap of a dude's doodle and fallen instantly in love with him?

Asking for a friend, obviously.

Well one girl, sick of receiving the surprise Snapchats, decided to get her own back in what we're calling the greatest groin-related prank of all time.

Because when Tara Natasha, 26, was hit up at 1am, she decided to play along, pretending that not only was she interested, so was her housemate.

Except she sent the guy to an address 40 minutes drive from his place.

To Buckingham Palace.

Where the Queen lives.

"I completely ignored [him] at first, but half an hour later he sent me a crude message," Tara explained. "I thought it'd be funny to reply back saying 'fab' sarcastically.

"Not realising I was being sarcastic, he then asked if I would be up for it and I replied 'of course', again being sarcastic.

"So I pretended I was going to let him come to my house, and I thought to myself, where should I send this man?

"Then I thought the most outrageous idea, Buckingham Palace."

Not only did the guy not twig onto Tara's sarcasm, the penny didn't even drop when he got to the Royal residence and wasn't being allowed in BY THE ARMED GUARDS.

"I can't even be parked where I was," one of the increasingly desperate messages from the guy reads. "They said the State Rooms are [only] used by family of the Royal family.

"This sounds a bit fishy.

"I'll have to park my car on the side. And just come down to get me."

Eventually Tara sent him a photo of her "housemate", good ol' Queen Elizabeth II, and the dude FLIPPED.

"You've made me drive all the way to an imaginary place," he fumed. "I knew something was fishy as soon as I saw Buckingham Palace."

Tara added that the prank was a way to stand up to online sexual harassment, pointing out that if a someone flashed their genitals on the street they'd be arrested.

"Although this was a bit of fun, I was highlighting the very concerning factor of online harassment in society today," she said. 

"It is not okay for men to send women disgusting, naked photos of themselves."

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