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Girlfriend Won’t Let Australia’s ‘Hot Cop’ Leave The House

A simple selfie has sent women everywhere on a frenzy this morning and one Queensland police officer absolutely viral. And it all has to do with his incredible good looks.

Mason Jago, who may be better known this morning as Queensland's 'Hot Cop' gathered an incredible following of gushing fans after he took a cheeky selfie on a phone he had found, before returning it to the rightful owner.

And it just so happened that this phone owner was an ABC journalist who not only appreciated the good looking selfie, but has a LOT of connections that helped the image to quickly circulate.

After sending the selfie around to her colleagues, the picture soon appeared on Facebook and managed to reach over 15,000 likes and be seen by 370,000 people!

The image also received an abundance of flirtatious comments with one person saying "I've done something bad, please send constable Mason to arrest me ASAP!".

But it appears that one person is not too happy about the 'Hot Cop's' recent rise to fame, and that is his girlfriend (yep, sorry he's not single!) who is said to be getting out the handcuffs so to speak and locking her boyfie down!

Speaking on Channel Ten's The Project, Mason joked about his partner saying, "She's not letting me leave the house anymore." "She has taken my access away from phone and internet.A total ban."

And we're not all too surprised by her protective action, with Waleed Aly even saying on the program that he wonders if the crime rate in Queensland will skyrocket with the hopes that people will get a chance to meet the "ridiculously good-looking constable".

However, while all of us with a pair of eyes are incredibly happy by this hot selfie circulating the internet, Mason has actually revealed that he was quite embarrassed by it, and if he'd known it was a journalist's phone, he would never have taken the photo.

Oh Mason, you're far too modest! Every girl is now hoping it will be the 'Hot Cop' standing there next time we get pulled over for a random breath test...

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