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Girl's Boyfriend Couldn't Make Prom So She Went As A Sloth

Can we make Brianna Ludlam President?

She's 18, lives in South Carolina, and prom is a big deal.

It signifies a coming of age.  It's a celebration of youth.  An announcement of adulthood.  And of course, you get to dress up, get your hair done and do dancefloor selfies.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend couldn't make her prom, as he was in Amsterdam.  This scenario could crush a young lady.  What do you do?  Go with someone else and be miserable all night?  Go with your brother?  Stay at home and watch Bridget Jones' Diary?

Not if you're President Lundlam.

She picked herself up, dusted herself off, found the sloth costume her boyfriend bought her and photobombed everyone's prom pictures.

And they're great.

And she's great.

For the record, she's a fan of sloths - she has been known to identify with their laziness, and knows many sloth facts and thinks they're cute.  So this was totally on-brand for her.

Plus, it gave me an opportunity to google "sloth" and "prom" together and I humbly present the best pictures forthwith:






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