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Girls EPIC 17 Year Revenge On Cheating Boyfriend

If you've ever been cheated on you'll know it's one of the worst things you can go through. You experience emotions of heartbreak, bitterness, worthlessness, sadness and for some people, REVENGE.

Harriet, a girl from Cheshire, England, found a brilliant way to exact that revenge on her cheating boyfriend, Dan, over a 17-year period!

After being busted cheating, Dan thought it would be ok to ask Harriet to pay him back for a Justin Bieber concert ticket he had bought for her.


Harriet, being the nice girl she is, agreed to her exes request, but wasn't about to make it that easy.


Via the powers of automatic transfers, she set up a direct deposit between herself and Dan, depositing $0.01 into his bank account every day until the $62.05 for the concert ticket was repaid.

How long would that take to repay him we hear you ask? Approximately 6,205 days... or 17 years.


But that's not all, the final twist of the knife comes via Harriets transaction reference of "cheating c#nt", appearing on Dan's account, every day, for 17 years.

Bravo Harriet, bravo.

Source: The Chive

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