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Google Are Set To Launch The Best Product Ever In Australia

Google is set to launch its new voice-controlled smart speaker in Australia this Thursday.

The ‘Google Home’ device is a small speaker that is controlled by using the phrase ‘OK google’ and will utilise their existing search and maps functions to answer questions provide information.

Suveer Kothari, Google's Vice President of Hardware, said: 'A really useful
assistant takes context into account, like using your location to give you accurate weather readings.

'But you are always firmly in control. We're sensitive to privacy and give users the choice of whether to make personal data accessible on Google Home.

'Our goal is to create a helpful assistant that is welcome in your home. We may not be perfect at the start, but we'll continue to add new features and get better over time.'


The Google Home speaker can also be used to play music and uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand context and answer follow-up questions.

Oh, and you can ask it where the nearest ‘servo is’.

The new device retails at $199.

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