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Guy Gets Blackout Drunk; Doesn't Know Where His Finger Went

If you're prone to getting blackout drunk, you would know that memory loss is a big part of it. But this is next level. 

A guy in the UK got so drunk that he has no idea how he lost his finger.

26-year-old Dwayne Thompson went out for a meal with friends then woke up with his finger tip missing and his hand covered in blood. 

"I remember the whole night until that point. I had a three course meal, couple of drinks..." Dwayne said. 

"It’s a big step from a meal to where I was. It’s just a mystery."


He had to have surgery on the finger to remove part of the bone which was left and to pull skin over the wound.

To make matters worse, Dwayne's girlfriend called him after he disappeared from the restaurant and suspects he may have cheated on her.

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