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Woman FLIPS Out At Guy For Cancelling Their Date

The next time your coupled-up friend is having a "grass is greener" moment and telling you how "lucky" you are to be out there, single and playing the field, please show them the following screenshots as proof that the dating world is SCARY.

One unnamed Tinder user uploaded the insane torrent of furious messages a potential match levelled his way when he had the gall to make alternative plans on the night they had assumedly arranged to meet up.

By the sounds of things it was a loose plan - at one point she blasts that she doesn't have her phone on her as often as he does, which we're guessing means she forgot to confirm until the afternoon of - but boy-oh-boy she is not happy.


"We can meet tonight yeah, 7?" the messages innocently begin, quickly followed by a polite and contrite reply from the bloke, who has no idea what's coming his way.

"I actually just made other plans," he says. "I didn't think I was going to hear back from you. Sorry."

Ding ding. Game on.

"Hahahaha really bro? F*cking really?" she responds. "No need to apologise lol. The only sorry one is you ugly ass f*ggot.

"You look like a damn troll lol.

"No need to say sorry I was just gonna use you for free drinks lol.

"You're so ugly why would you mess up an opportunity w me? Loser lol.

"Haha bc I didn't respond within 2 min to your text? Bitch I have a life!"

First of all, rude. Second of all, stop saying LOL YOU CRAZY WOMAN.


Unfortunately - and with literally no more response from the presumably stunned guy - she just keeps going.

Like, on and on and on going.

She even calls him a "ginger midget", which is absolutely unnecessary, and then does that super super cringey thing of pretending that she "actually already had plans tonight haha I just lied and said that to you to play with your head."

Sure you did, love.


While it can't have been enjoyable to be on the receiving end of this straight-up nutty tirade, we can probably all agree that old mate had a damn lucky escape this time round didn't he?

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