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Guy Is Busted Cheating Thanks To A TRIPADVISOR Review

Of all the places you may catch your cheating partner out, TripAdvisor is probably not one you'd expect.

Unfortunately for Melanie Sheard, that's exactly where she found concrete proof that her fiance was seeing other women behind her back.

According to The Sun, 41-year-old Melanie first met Pablo during a trip to Turkey; after a whirlwind romance, the pair got engaged and Melanie set about planning their wedding.

But after noticing that hotel manager Pablo was becoming friends with a number of women on social media, Melanie paid a visit to travel review website TripAdvisor and found several posts from female guests thanking him for his, er, attentive services.

"At first I didn't want to believe he would cheat, but when I saw it written in black and white online I was furious," the mum-of-two said. "He denied it at first but I had evidence from the girls he was cheating with.

"I never thought TripAdvisor would be where I'd go to find out if my partner was being unfaithful, but I'm forever glad that I did."

After tracking down some of the other women on Facebook, Melanie discovered that each of them had, in fact, had some sort of holiday romance with the 32-year-old lothario - and one was still seeing him.

"When I confronted him about it, he told me they were just guests," the Brit continued. "At first I believed him. I know how friendly he was at work, but a few months later I couldn't shake my suspicions.

"I found comments from girls saying they had an amazing holiday - all thanks to their fling with the manager.

"There were reviews from people warning others not to stay there as the manager was sleeping with loads of the guests.

"I felt sick."

When The Sun contacted Pablo, though, he denied the allegations, claiming the women complaining about him online were doing so because he "wouldn't give them free drinks."

Either way, probably not a hotel we're going to visit anytime soon.

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