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Guy’s Reaction To Girlfriend Falling Off Cliff 'Disgusting'

Imagine if you were hanging out with your honey on a cliff, overlooking some picturesque waters, maybe even jumping in for fun?

THEN, imagine if you were about to jump and SLIPPED.

Imagine you began slipping down the side of the cliff and when you reached out to the only thing you could grab hold of - your boyfriend’s foot - he YANKED it away.

What would you THINK? Well that’s exactly what happened.

Footage went viral last year of the moment a couple were on the edge of a high cliff preparing to jump into the clear blue water below.

Not only did she fall right down the side of the cliff, but there was a crazy ‘crunch’ sound at the bottom.

The video was uploaded to Reddit and people got really pissed off with the guy’s actions – or lack of.

A lot of the comments pointed out that such a fall could potentially be deadly, so he should have at least tried to do something.

Others pointed out that if the guy didn’t think he could have stopped his girlfriend from falling, he should have tried to push her further out to avoid her hitting the rocks on the way down.

Like, COME ON.

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