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Guy Thinks His Mum's Part Of ISIS After Wisdom Teeth Removal

After this teenage boy went to get his wisdom teeth removed, he returned as high as a kite and it's amazing.

Lying down on the sofa, his mum reaches to his mouth to pull out one of this gauze pads.

In his dazed state, he is convinced that she is stealing his tongue, screaming ''Oh my god Mum! My tongue! Put it back in my mouth!''

Following that, he hilariously tries to force his tongue back in his mouth.

His Mum clearly knows what is happening and plays along with Jon's craziness before he says ''No you're from ISIS, back off ISIS.''

Then it's an amazing sequence of the drugged adolescent being convinced that Islamic State are behind the whole escapade.

Straight faced Jon says ''ISIS took my tongue once, you took my tongue twice.''

The sassy then stars in disbelief as his mum tries to put the tissue back in his mouth.

Watch it all, it's so amazing, words can't describe!

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