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Guy With Weird Fetish Gets Kicked In The Face Multiple Times

What the actual f.... we're not quite sure what to think after watching this video posted by World Star Hip Hop. (some viewers may find content disturbing)

Nothing against fetishes, whatever turns you on we say, but this is next level sh!t. The guy in the clip above sits there willingly while being bashed about the face by the woman who's kicking him about the head.

Judging by the comments on the video, everyone else seems just as shocked. One user commented, "i love a woman putting her legs and feet around me but this is too much," whilst another wrote, "Put some timbs (shoes) on, I bet homie change that fetish in a hurry...."

But our favourite comment goes to a user by the name of London... "Fetish? NAH, this just some dumb shit."

Spot on, London. Spot on.

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