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He Put WHAT Bodily Fluids In Her Coffee?

We hope you have already had dinner... and your final coffee for the day.

This story has us second guessing leaving our coffee on our desk ever again. 

While the majority of workplaces have one or two co-workers that may not get along, the actions of this woman's colleague is unthinkable. 

Every morning Pat Maahs brings a coffee to work in her travel mug to keep her going at her desk job. She sometimes even has a second cup during the day. 

But over the last six months she felt her coffee tasted a little... off...

All of this was seemingly unimportant at the time until stumbling upon a co-worker standing at her desk one day. 

The deer in headlights look that her male colleague gave her when he was caught put her on edge and when she approached the desk there was an unidentifiable liquid puddle.

The man quickly exiting the room was Pat's second hint that something wasn't right. 

“He looked over his shoulder, and the deer-in-the-headlights look and promptly left the room,” she told CBS Minnesota. 

“And when he left the room, I looked down at the desk and here was a puddle on the desk.”

That is when it clicked... 

It wasn't off coffee. Maah's co-worker had ejaculated into her mug... and it may not have been the first time. 


What's worse is that despite the man being arrested, he was then released as no rule or law currently covers such an act. 

So Pat has turned her attention to changing the law.

“We worked together that whole 14 years, and he was a trusted fellow employee, so what does that say,” she said.

“This isn’t just protecting me because someone was attracted to me. It’s protecting everyone in society in general,” Maahs said.

While not in Australia - for EVERYONE'S sake we really hope the law changes are approved to stop this from happening again.

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