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Homeless Woman Goes To Shelter, Watch Her Makeover

Recently, Prank it FWD embarked on their most beautiful 'prank' yet... 

When a group of homeless people arrived at the Ascencia Homeless Shelter in Glendale, CA for some food and shelter, they ended up getting the surprise of their lives. 

Haircuts, fresh clothes, shaves, manicures, massages and waterproof jackets... it was a way of sparking hope for their future. 

One of the young hair stylists was even in the same position some years ago, so was more than happy to give back. 

ONe veteran was taken aback by the attention, saying in disbelief "Somebody cares. I'm a Vietnam vet, honorable discharge and uh (breaks into tears) I'm not used to any affection". 

All these people needed was a bit of respect and attention.. watch their transformations below! 


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