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How This 11-Year-Old Makes Over $2000 A WEEK!

Meet Henry Patterson, the 11 year old genius entrepreneur making more than £1,000 a week (equivalent of around $2,100 AUD). 


Patterson started selling bags of manure at a pound each before moving onto the world of confectionary, selling sweets on an online shop. Now his annual turnover exceeds $140,000AUD since he open a children's book store and activating merchandise branding with characters from his shop. 

His store, Not Before Tea is now a very popular British Children's Lifestyle brand which was kickstarted by his very successful first story book, Adventures of Sherb and Pip

The baby-faced businessman has his products stocked by more than 70 different companies, causing his company's annual sales to go past £65,000. 

His first purchase was a puppy but now, Patterson has been smart, launching his own YouTube children's channel NBTV and is writing a business book for next year. 

Named "one to watch" at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards last year, Patterson began coming up with ideas at just 5 years old. 

Patterson spoke of his success saying "My main advice is to start with having a stand at a car boot sale. You learn how to display, piece, handle money and talk to customers. All the skills you need to know for the future." 

Source: Unilad

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