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How To Reverse The HORRENDOUS Snapchat Update

In early January, Snapchat caused an uproar after a deeply shitty update was made to their app. 

The 'stories' page was completely removed, making it harder to view photos and videos from friends.

Many have boycotted the app, dubbing it "too confusing" to navigate. However, there is good news. 

A Twitter user has shared a hack that allows you to reverse the update and enjoy Snapchat as you came to love it!

Step 1: Delete the app
Step 2: Settings > iTunes and App store > turn off automatic updates
Step 3: Re-download Snapchat
Step 4: Type in email then hit forget password
Step 5: Choose to reset via iPhone, get code, type it in, change password
Step 6: Login and it's back to the old version! 


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