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How To Spot A Basic Bastard

You've heard of the basic bitch - now comes the male alternative.

Here are the signs that a guy you know may be a 'basic bastard.'

> He went to a private school

> He overuses phrases like "on the grind", "hanging with the boys" and "bevs."

> He has Ralph Lauren polos and linen button-up shirts on high rotation

> He wears beige chinos and dress shorts

> He isn't afraid to rock some boat shoes

> Work in marketing, digital or creative media

> Probably employed at a startup business

> Goes to the races at least twice a year with "the boys"

> Only into tennis during Australian Open time, but is a die hard rugby union fan

> Drinks water from a protein shaker

> Only uses the rowing machine at the gym because he learnt to row at private school 

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