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Incredible Moment Baby Sees Mum's Face For The First Time

The incredible moment a baby boy sees his mum's face for the first time after being given a pair of glasses has been caught on camera.

The heartwarming clip shows little Emil taking a few seconds to look around, his eyes adjusting to his suddenly clear surroundings, before he spots his mum, Christine Rosenhoj.

And the adorable tot's huge smile is the definition of infectious; what a cutie!

The special Instagram post has since gone viral, with many other parents sharing their stories about the first time their children put on a pair of glasses.

"Oh my gods, this takes me back," one social media user posted. "When my eldest got her first glasses it was really watching magic happen.

"She held her Nana's face staring at her, and then just said 'Oh, you are so beautiful!'

"Not a dry eye in the optometrist's office."

Or in this office! What a gorgeous moment.

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