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Intense Police Struggle With Suspect Who Tries To Pull A Gun

This clip from A&E Network's 'Live PD', shows the drama and terror that can unfold during a Police Officer's daily duties.

In the clip, Officer Justin Beal from the Tulsa Police Dept Gang Unit can be seen asking the occupants of a car if they have any marijuana inside the vehicle.

After being told there was no marijuana in the car even though there was a strong apparent smell, the Officer asked the man immediately on his side of the car to exit the vehicle.

Another Officer does the same thing with an occupant on the other side of the vehicle, wary of him because he was touching around his waistband.

When the occupant exits the vehicle, the Officer can be heard asking, "You haven't got a gun on you do you?" to which the occupant replies "No sir, no sir."

Just to be safe, the Officer proceeds to place him in handcuffs, and then the action gets started.

Watch at top to see this intense battle to take down and subdue the suspect.

As A&E Network say... America’s police are going live. America, see for yourself.

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