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Internet Divided by What This Cop Does Next in Dashcam Video

A Dashcam video showing a police car following a ute through a set of traffic lights has caused controversy online. 

The video shows a black ute perform a legal U-turn through an orange light at Indooroopilly in Brisbane's south west

The driver of the ute appears to cross the white line and begin the turn before the light changes to red.

A clearly marked police car then proceeds to follow the ute with lights flashing.

It has proved to be controversial as social media has entered a hot debate as to who was in the wrong in the video. 

Lee Yuenger was not sympathetic to the driver of the black ute.

'No amber light means, ''throw a u-turn at a traffic light in front of cop like a f***ing idiot''. I hope this f***wit lost his license,' Mr Yuenger said.

But others believed the police officer going against the red light was more dangerous than the actions of the person driving the ute.

'So cop goes through a red to get old mate who would've been out of the way before other traffic... could've given him a blast on the siren and stern finger point. To get the message across,' Michael Brown said. 

Leave a comment below and let us know who you think was in the right! 

Video Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia via Facebook

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