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The Reason The Paddle Pop Lion Could Be BANNED

Political correctness gone too far, or a smart way to prevent marketing unhealthy food to children?

Well-known cartoon characters such as the Paddle Pop lion, the Coco Pops monkey and Toucan Sam who appear in commercials and packaging of products like breakfast cereals and ice cream may soon be banned if one obesity expert had his way.

Associate Professor Gary Sacks, of Deakin University has told the Herald Sun, 'Images such as the Paddle Pop lion, Coco the monkey, the Nesquik bunny and M&M's characters are attractive to youngsters,' he said.

Professor Sacks, believes the colourful cartoons encourage children and teens to consume more unhealthy foods. 

He says there should be marketing restrictions placed on sugary foods - including the imagery they use to sell their products as well as what time of day they should be advertised on television and radio.

He also believes that unhealthy food should not be marketed at sporting events.

However, the World Health Organisation says that Australia is currently meeting all of it's its commitments to marketing toward children.

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