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Is This The Most Dangerous Proposal Of All Time?

We know when it comes to a wedding proposal, the more extravagant the better - but, when it becomes unsafe - that’s when it becomes more ridiculous than romantic.

For one couple in Houston, Texas their proposal was definitely one to remember, as Vidal Valladares Navas decided to shut down a very busy five-line highway to propose to his girlfriend, Michelle Mycoff.

Michelle supposedly loves that highway, because the couple went on a motorcycle ride down it on their second date.

Vidal organised his friends to stay in the front row of traffic so they could easily get everyone to stop - and then boom!

He popped the question in the middle of the freeway.

According to, Vidal is now being charged with obstructing a highway.

Apparently one of the people who passed them by mid-proposal was an off-duty police officer who was able to be an official witness - and Harris County District Attourney’s office can now press charges.


Source: Cosmopolitan

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