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Kardashians Threaten Legal Action Over Fake Kylie

While many people would scream at the thought of one more Kardashian/Jenner hitting the scene (imagine the snapchats) it appears one company were hoping no one would notice its new addition.

A fat freezing company in the US allegedly thought it'd skip the hassle of checking in with momager, Kris Jenner's and hire a Kylie look-a-like for their advertisement. Hey, I'm sure no one will notice it's not really Kylie... those girls promote anything and everything. Heck, Kylie's even managed to make Puma cool. 

Unfortunately for the company, someone did notice the massive billboard in LA. Fans tweeted the youngest Jenner telling her of the likeness. 


And the Jenner's aren't happy. The company's been accused of allegedly deceiving people into believing the product was endorsed by the famous sister.  

It's understood the family have taken legal action against the campaign, so we're not sure how long King Kylie 2.0 will be up for. 



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