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Kim Kardashian Emojis Are Here, This Is Why You Should Care

Emojis are a way of life for Gen Ys.

You can order your favourite pizza from Dominos and have it delivered to your door by sending one, single pizza slice emoji for goodness sake.

It’s like another language - and for that reason it makes sense that emojis stay fresh and current, so that we can express excitement and communicate in the way we’ve established we like to with our friends.

Do you know HOW MANY times I’ve stressed over not being able to find a white wine emoji, or a cocktail that’s not a martini? GAH!

So, whether you love her or hate her, a significant amount of the world’s population speak fluent ‘Kim Kardashian’, meaning that she’s so up in everyone’s lives - constantly splashed over the news - that more often than not, you can’t help but be amongst it.


So from today, if you download the Kimoji ap, you’ll be able to download over 250 stickers and emojis that perfectly reflect pop culture today and - more than anything else - are just a little bit of fun.


A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

My personal favourites are Kim’s ugly crying face, the selfie emoji, the gummy bears and the pregnant side view emoji.

Thinking about just sending that one to my friends and family when I have news to share.

Source: Racked

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