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Couple Arrested After Dramatic Attempt To Catch Flight

If you’ve ever missed a flight, you’ll know, it’s FLIPPIN’ annoying.

One thing you’ve probably never done, is try to catch the flight anyway - even once you’ve been told it’s too late.

Well a couple at Beijing Capital International Airport have done just that.

They wheeled their luggage onto the tarmac as they chased the huge jet as it was taxiing.

The unnamed pair was pictured standing in front of the wheels of the passenger airliner which was due to take off for Shanghai at 9.30am local time on Monday, The Sun reported.

Infuriatingly, reports say they ignored warnings from ground crew who were forced to call airport police.


The wife was seen squatting under the plane as she begged officials to let her and her husband on board.

She delayed the flight for about 20 minutes before both were arrested.

They both argued that their boarding times had not been made clear — despite their Air China tickets containing all necessary information.

Local reports say the couple will be detained for between five and 10 days and will be fined 500 RMB ($99).

They also run the risk of receiving a flight ban, which could see them never being able to fly again.

Source: The Sun

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